Importance of mobile friendly

Mobile friendly web design has become an industry standard for developers and site owners. Creating a website that looks good on mobile devices gives you the following benefits:


It expands your reach to more site visitors and potential customers.


Responsive websites provide an outstanding user experience for mobile users so they enjoy spending time on your website. The result is a growing legion of avid followers who will support your future plans.

Cost Effective

Every piece of content on your desktop website is preserved and viewable when translated to mobile. You save money because you don’t have to pay for a separate mobile version of your website.


Google’s latest algorithm update gives preference to mobile-friendly websites, putting them in higher search engine rankings. In short, following a responsive design is a significant part of SEO strategies.

Every Pixelate theme is responsive to give your website the best possible chance of getting in touch with the ever-growing mobile market. By choosing one of our themes, you can create built-in mobile websites that provide the greatest number of advantages – whether it’s boosting viewership, improving lead generation and potential profits, or simply giving your mobile visitors a pleasant browsing experience.