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What the experts say…

Don’t just take our word about WordPress being awesome, many known professionals in the industry think so, too. Here are some of our favorite quotes from the experts.

Rebecca GillI met WordPress and Joomla at the same time, but only fell in love with WordPress. I quickly realized it had far more advantages due to it’s ease of use and overall expandability. With WordPress anything is possible. I have worked in multiple CMS solutions, but only WordPress spoke to me and drew me in. I found other CMS solutions to be overwhelming to real world users and they all lacked the SEO strength of WordPress. While WordPress is not a solution for every person or company, it is a great solution for the majority of website owners and users. I think WordPress will continue to move up stream and continue to advance it’s scalability and enterprise level performance. I see mid-market and enterprise level companies adopting WordPress more and more. The tricky part will be to allow for that expansion without alienating the bloggers and small businesses that helped WordPress grow at such exponential rates.
Rebecca Gill, Web Savvy Marketing

syed balkhi“The main reason why I use WordPress is because of it’s flexibility. Considering all the power of WordPress and the plugins, if you were to build any of that from scratch, you would be spending tens of thousands. WordPress is fairly easy to setup and flexible enough for majority of use cases.”
Syed Balkhi, WPBeginner

bill ericksonThe main feature that drew me to WordPress – and keeps me using it – is the ease of use for end users. Most of my clients are non-technical and need an easy way to manage their sites. With WordPress, I can create very complex, feature rich websites that are easy to manage.
Bill Erickson, Developer

rand fishkinIt’s easy to set up, and it has a great community of folks using and developing for it. Plus, we had the Moz blog on a home-grown platform and I wanted to experiment with WordPress given its popularity. I’ve never had a problem with it or a reason to migrate to another service, so it’s mostly inertia and customer satisfaction that keeps me on. I need to be up-to-speed with what’s popular in the web publishing/marketing world and WordPress is certainly one of those, so it makes sense for me to embrace and use so I can be empathetic and helpful to others who do.
Rand Fishkin, Moz

joe pulizziWe believe that any company smaller than $100 million in revenue should probably use WordPress. Not only is it the most flexible of the CMSs, it’s the least expensive to maintain, and if you want to develop something on the site, odds are there is a plugin already created by the community. As well, content created in WP is set up to be easily found on Google and shared in social. We moved to WordPress in 2010 and it has literally changed our business (all positive).
Joe Pulizzi, Content Marketing Institute

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