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It’s no doubt that WordPress is the most popular and one of the best blogging platforms you will ever come across during the present times. It’s not just a great content management system but also anyone with absolutely zero knowledge of code can use it. In addition to these, there are thousands of plugins and themes for extending and adding to the functionalities and versatility of the blogging software.

With the exception to the last plugin listed (Optin Monster), below are the plugins that we at Pixelate will install and set up for your website if you host with us:

WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress SEO is one of the most important plugins you will ever come across. Many don’t have a good comprehension of SEO hence they don’t know how to optimize their websites in the right manner. WordPress SEO plugin takes away the guesswork and makes optimizing your website a breeze. As a matter of fact, it is more than just a plugin but rather a complete WordPress website optimization tool. It enables you to achieve a number of things including adding titles and descriptions to your articles, publishing site xml map, adding meta data, image optimization as well as analyzing all your pages to bring to your attention the various components which may have not been properly optimized. We will include exclusive video tutorials that will show you how to maximize the use of this plugin.

WP Rocket

The loading speeds of websites affect the overall performance of every site and will ultimately have a direct impact on the conversions as well as the bounce back rates. WP is the plugin you need for faster websites, increased traffic and conversions in your WordPress sites. It comes with immensely useful features which enhance the performance and the functionalities of your website. Some of the features of the plugin include the following:

  • Page caching – to enable ultra fast load time to improve SEO and conversions on your site.
  • Cache preloading – to enhance the indexing of your website by the search engines
  • Images on request – allows your images to load when your visitor scrolls down the website.
  • Static file compression – to reduce the weight of HTML, CSS files and JavaScript to make the website and load faster.

We will install this premium plugin (worth $39) if your site is hosted with Pixelate Hosting.


With the commenting capabilities of WordPress, spamming is a major problem for many website owners. Akismet is the plugin to filter through the data and stop spam guns from being directed towards your site. This is a must have plugin if you are looking forward to building a website which might involve a lot of user interaction by way of discussions and comments.

Backup Buddy

When your website is hacked and you never had any backup for it, you will experience the real definition of a nightmare. However, with BackupBuddy, backing up your website becomes as easy as clicking just a few buttons. It offers you with a quick and efficient way to set up automatic backups for you sites so that you can have a good night’s rest and not worry about the activities of hackers. With it, you can backup your content in the cloud and access it whenever you need to from any location.

We will install this premium plugin (worth $80) and set up regular backups for your site if it is hosted with Pixelate Hosting.

EWWW Image Optimizer

Many people ignore the importance of image optimization when they are designing their websites. Poor image optimization will make you to lose valuable disk space besides slowing down the load time of your websites due to big image sizes. EWWW Image Optimizer takes away all the trouble associated with images by allowing you to automatically do a number of image optimization on your website. For instance, you can convert already uploaded images to the right file formats, reduce the size of your images etc. This plugin is also compatible with a number of WordPress photo galleries thus adding to its usefulness in image optimization.

All the images on your site will be optimized appropriately if your site is hosted with us.

iThemes Security

If you need a reliable WordPress security plugin, then iThemes Security is your best option. Because of the popular use of WordPress, security is a major concern within the WordPress community. Even though it is not possible to completely protect your site from hackers, there are a number of security measures you can take to thwart their attempts and this plugin offer you with some of the best options. Some of the notable features it provides you with include strong password generation, passwords expiration, user action logging, 2-factor authentication etc.

We will set up iThemes Security plugin properly for your site.

WP Statistics

Knowing your website statistics is very instrumental for the overall success of your venture. Though you can still use tracking tools provided by other third parties, why not use one which have been specifically designed and developed for WordPress? WP Statistics is a comprehensive plugin that will give you detailed report about your site visitors. The data will be neatly presented in graphs on the Admin interface. Some of the important data you get from this plugin include the number of online user and visits to your sites, the search engines used to access your site, locations of your visitors, email reports etc.

Optin Monster

If you are using your website to sell goods or services, then you have every reason to collect leads which you can then promote to in the future. Optin Monster gives you the ability to create beautiful and high converting optin pages on your WordPress sites to help you in collecting email addresses. It is also a great plugin if you are running a publication based site where you need to make a list of subscribers. Amongst the features it comes with include analytics, page level targeting, split testing as well as exit-intent technology which displays the optin form when a user intends to leave the page.

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