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Tips For Finding The Best WordPress Theme

WordPress has made it easy for millions of website owners and developers to set up their own sites, and customization using the number one blogging platform in the world only takes a few clicks. In the case of site layouts, WordPress allows you to choose your own theme to match the look that you desire for your website.

If you want to take the convenience of using WordPress a notch closer, we at PixelateWP are happy to bring you some of the best WordPress themes that will cater to the most common types of websites. You can choose from our impressive array of themes, and we’re pretty sure that there’s something that will catch your fancy and capture the perfect image for your site.

If you’re overwhelmed by the breadth of theme choices at PixelateWP, these five guidelines can help you streamline the options and lead you to the WordPress theme that will suit you best:

Make notes of your desired features

Think about what your website should give the visitors, and make sure your theme will be able to bring your site features well. Each theme is designed for a specific purpose, say a real estate website or a personal blog. Choose a theme that has most (if not all) of the features that you need.

For example, if you need your target site visitors to view a quick list of articles or sign up to your newsletter on any page of your website, you should look for a theme with a sidebar, such as the Bold theme’s two-column layout or the Story theme’s three-column arrangement. You may also choose a theme with a built-in menu at the top for easier site navigation, like the Bricks & Mortar theme.

Bottom line, start by focusing on the user interface instead of spending time looking for a beautifully designed layout. Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to have both!

What is your brand’s visual aesthetic?

As soon as you have firmly decided on setting up a website, choose a theme that best represents your brand or company. Can you imagine a baby website or a mom’s personal blog in black colors and sharp fonts? Most probably not. Not all WordPress themes are created equal, you know! Make the theme project the right statement to your intended clients.

It is also important to identify the overall look of your desired website – colors, brand logo, and even down to the fonts – so that all future revisions will not lose your original visual quality.

Identify the purpose of your site

Your chosen theme must achieve the objective of your website. A marketing blog that invites email subscriptions should look inviting, while a directory website should contain navigational menus and a no-frills layout. Whatever the purpose of your website is, your theme must enhance your requirements and not interfere with them.


Menus, archives, sidebar lists – these are just some of the navigational elements available in WordPress. Most of the themes here at PixelateWP have these options by default, although in varying layouts and visual styles. It’s up to you to choose how you want your archives to look or where the menu will be positioned.

Do you prefer specific locations for your site menu and sidebar? Don’t worry, because we can help you choose the theme that will suit your requirements.

Width, layout, and spacing

Picking a theme includes looking into intricate details such as deciding on the page width, margins, and more. This may sound tedious and overwhelming, but if you get the right theme at the start, you won’t need to change it again in the future. Besides, most of our themes already look awesome even without customization, and you don’t even have to touch a single piece of code.

Consider also the possibility of layout revisions when choosing a theme. Our themes have flexible spaces and customizable headers for upcoming site elements such as banners and additional content.

Site width is a very important layout element that can break your site if you don’t choose properly. In the age of mobiles, your site must be ready to be viewed on mobile gadgets. Never let your page spill off the side of the browser screen with a poorly chosen width. That’s not going to be a problem because all of the themes at PixelateWP are responsive. Aside from looking good in practically any kind of screen resolution, responsive websites are favored by Google search bots. That will definitely bring wonders to your SEO!

Choosing a theme is essential in setting up your website, but it may overwhelm or frustrate even the best of us. With our expertise and utmost concern for our clients, we at Pixelate can help you get started on creating your website by providing the perfect theme.

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