10 Cool Facts About WordPress


Many developers have turned to WordPress for their website creation needs, and they are probably aware of the fact that the blogging platform is now the most commonly used website frameworks in today’s generation.

However, there are many things about WordPress that not many people know. In fact, some of these facts may even surprise those who have been using WordPress frequently. If you appreciate the features of WordPress, here are ten more facts that will endear the blogging framework to you more:

  1. The WordPress framework has been downloaded more than 46 million times

Self-hosted WordPress websites need the framework to be downloaded and installed. With this number, you can just imagine how many websites are running on WordPress.

  1. More than 75 million websites are running on WordPress

Imagine no more, because data as of 2014 showed that millions of website owners are trusting WordPress to serve their online needs.

  1. More than 60 percent of CMS websites use WordPress

WordPress was originally designed as a blogging platform, but continuous updates and theme developments have turned it into a content management system. With its ease of use and powerful features, it’s no surprise that majority of websites running on CMS have chosen WordPress.

  1. WordPress plugin directory has almost 38,000 plugins and more than 900 million downloads!

The beauty of WordPress lies in its ability to be expanded and upgraded through plugins. The free plugins in the WordPress repository are now in the thousands, and have been downloaded close to a billion times. This shows how website owners and developers crave for upgrades and enhancements.

  1. Many of the elements involved in WordPress are free

Best of all, a lot of things related to WordPress – the downloadable platform, the powerful plugins, and the flexible themes – are available for free!

  1. WordPress is available in 40 languages (and counting)

The framework is now welcome to many world languages so that you and your users can understand WordPress better. The language option starts at installation, and may be carried out to your website as a multi-lingual feature.

  1. WordPress.com has less than 230 employees

It’s difficult to imagine that the awesomeness of WordPress is being maintained by only a few hundred experts. Many of the developers are volunteers who want to make the open-source blogging tool the best one in the free market.

  1. WordPress releases are named after jazz musicians

If you own a WordPress site, you will notice that future releases are labeled with specific names. The nomenclature is based on names of famous jazz musicians. As of this writing, WordPress 4.2 has just been released, named as “Powell” in honor of jazz pianist Bud Powell.

  1. Its predecessor is called b2/cafelog

The rich history of WordPress started out as a fork of b2/cafelog, a weblog tool that served as a codebase. The minimalist blog predecessor has definitely come a long way after more than a decade.

  1. The first release of WordPress was launched on Memorial Day 2003

Whether it was an ode to American history, a genius marketing strategy or a simple coincidence, the first release of WordPress on May 26, 2003 was a milestone in Internet history.

If you want to know more about WordPress – whether it’s technical stuff or interesting trivia just like the ones above – feel free to reach us at PixelateWP and we will more than happy to extend our assistance.

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